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The Strategies Stockholm seminar 2010:

Strategies invites you to another one-day seminar with a pioneer in the area and child and youth development and learning:

gordonneufeldDr. Gordon Neufeld
clinical developmental psychologist and writer

Understanding adolescence –
unmaking bullies

(based on Making Sense of Adolescence and Bullies: their making and unmaking.)

One-day seminar
June 14, 2010
in Stockholm, Sweden

Monday June 14, 2010, 9.00 – 16.30 at Sjöfartshuset
Skeppsbron 10, Stockholm Old Town, Sweden.
The seminar will be given in English.

Download this programme as a pdf-document here – 116 kB.

Gordon Neufeld offers a working model,
to manage the challenges with today's children and adolescents in pre-school, school and at home

Schools in many countries suffer from poor learning results, plummeting psychological health and bullying. Dr. Neufeld explains why and offers paths to solutions.

Seminar programme:

The seminar is aimed at everyone working with, or making decisions about, children and adolescents: teachers, psychologists, pre-school teachers, school leaders, politicians – and, of course, parents.

bookcover566hdasmallDr. Gordon Neufeld is an internationally acclaimed Canadian psychologist, writer and seminar leader with 35 years of clinical experience working with children and adolescents within all areas from homes, schools to prisons.

Dr. Gordon Neufeld has co-written the much appreciated book ”Hold On to Your Kids – why parents need to matter more than peers” with Gabor Maté, M.D.

More information about Dr. Neufeld can be found on his home pages:
Read the article: The Heart of The Matter – The role of emotion and attachment in learning and behaviour, by Dr. Gordon Neufeld.

Testimonies from
Dr. Gordon Neufeld's earlier seminars:

I cannot begin to tell you how very impressed I was by the sheer brilliance and usefulness of your model, and how tremendously grateful I am to you for providing a basis of validity to my instincts as a teacher and a parent.

Finally something I can relate to. I could feel it in my bones. The most refreshing material I have been exposed to in years and years of workshops and seminars.

Dr. Neufeld’s originality, passion and commitment in forging a complete and comprehensive theory are refreshing.

Blinding clarity! Some moments transcended
knowledge and spoke directly to instinct.

Dr. Neufeld has a rare and unique ability to put the pieces together in a way that makes sense and can be readily understood, regardless of one’s level of education or familiarity with the psychological literature.

We are privileged to be in the presence of an independent thinker.

Warmly welcome to this pioneering seminar,
in Northern Europe.


The seminar costs SEK 1940:- excl. VAT per person incl. coffee-lunch-coffee at Sjöfartshuset in Stockholm. Enroll early, the number of seats is limited.

The seminar will take place on June 14, 2010 in central Stockholm at Sjöfartshuset, Skeppsbron 10, Stockholm Old Town, 9.00-16.30.

You can register through our registering form.

The seminar is arranged by: The Strategies Newsletter, Himmelstrand Mentor AB,
Box 1454, SE-114 79 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46-8-20 01 14.