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Here’s what some our thousands of readers through the years have said about the Swedish version of Strategies to Learn & Grow:

"Thank you for your positive approach to the art of influencing!"

"Thank you for all your practical tips and ideas! It is important to get regular reminders."

"Thank you for the optimistic tone of your messages. It gives me the feeling that life in and outside the workplace can be both exciting and fun. Your letters help give me energy to continue to try to improve as a person."

"Thank you for the ”warmth” of your letters and for your belief in me as a reader who can do good things. It helps me to believe in the future."


"I like the form. Two pages is exactly what I can find the time to read.

Keep up the good work."

Bengt Engdegård, ICA Utbildningar AB (a reader since 1988)


"The best thing about Strategies is 1. The simplicity and brevity. I always can find to read the articles. 2. Your choice of meaningful subjects."

Per-Åke Palmér, leadership development, Volvo Cars


"Strategies is a great encourager to anyone who works in city government, schools, hospitals and other public services."  

Christina Berggren, Örebro county health services


"I inherited Strategies from my former boss. The simple approach to complicated subjects has resulted in many articles being put into my own staff newsletter. This continues the influence of my former boss and my staff members get the use of these interesting materials."

Lars Högblom, Storfors township


"The best about Strategies is that they are inspiring and positive. They stand for simplicity and common sense."

Kristina Nilsson, organizational consultant at SBAB


"I wish to convey in a few simple words that Strategies is among the best sources I know of for getting tips and ideas. I use a lot of the ideas when I run my own training courses and Strategies has been very much appreciated by my course participants."

Per-Olof Forsberg, Personnel department, Dresser Wayne AB


"I just want to write and and say that I think Strategies is great!

I don’t understand how you always manage to be in the front line of new information. I work with the elderly and many times a letter from you just hits the nail on the head and helps me solve a problem or give me courage to continue.

I share Strategies with my boss. She thinks they are very good and appreciates that the letters are easy to read.

Strategies has helped me in my new role as staff training leader."

Yvonne Ramberg, Axberg municipality elder care


"I just want to send on a thank you for all the tips and encouragement in Strategies. I appreciate it very much."

Marit Granlund, Ungdomsmottagningen, Bålsta


"I especially like the book reviews. Strategies provides a great and inexpensive way to educate oneself."

Agneta Nyholm Winqvist, author and staff trainer, Härnösand


"We get a lot of circulation mail at work and Strategies is the most fun to read. I always get an energy kick."

Björn Gärdevik, Lantmäteriverket


"Ten minutes a week and I get renewed."

Agnetha Sjöholm, Täby school system


"Strategies is a rich source of ideas for improving instaff training."

Reidar Lofvenberg, Nobel Company Support & Service