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The history of Strategies!
3 years in English • 23 years in Swedish

2008: Strategies Online is presented making it possible to search and read more than 200 articles in English and over 850 articles in Swedish.

2005: Strategies to Learn and Grow is published in English.

2005: Strategies has its 20th birthday and a celebration book is issued in Swedish.

2004: Kajsa Larsson Berglind is a new contributor in Strategies.

2003: Jonas Himmelstrand becomes the sole publisher of Strategies.

2002: The knowledge society is here. Strategies focuses on learning and personal growth, two important areas to encourage development in people and organisations. John Steinberg and Jonas Himmelstrand form a joint editorial and Strategies again gets a new name: Strategies to Learn & Grow. Strategies is published for a short time in English.

1998: We realise that people are concerned about the rapid rate of change. We adjust the name to Strategies for people and organisations in change.

1993-1996: We initiate the idea of planting a tree in Kenya for every subscriber and year. Strategies gets its first web page. We start publishing Strategies Digital as a pdf-document

1992: Jonas Himmelstrand, Ron Watson and John Steinberg create a joint editorial team with administrative help from Agnetha Hjälm. The focus is shifted slightly to Strategies for positive influence.

1985: John Steinberg issues the first issue of Strategies. The concept is a training letter about training methods with a generous distribution right.

The purpose of Strategies is to inspire learning, growth and success
in individuals, teams, organisations and society.




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