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photoanslagstavlanStrategies inspires
the whole staff
to learn and grow!

The information age is upon us. Personal competency has more and more strategic importance for our organisations. Strategies to Learn & Grow inspires the whole staff to develop and collaborate to meet the challenges of our time.

The human knowledge newsletter, Strategies to Learn & Grow is a simple, brief, practical and effective method for enhancing competency. Strategies is published every other Monday, 22 times a year. With our unique licensing system the whole staff can be inspired by our down-to-earth examples, tips and ideas.

Strategies to Learn & Grow encourages and informs with the help of articles, reviews, pictures and practical tips and advice. Strategies was first published in 1985 and is, still today, a unique concept. Strategies to Learn & Grow is used and appreciated as a complement to other competency enhancing activities and can be integrated into training's, seminars or used individually as stimuli for thought and development. Strategies has been published in Swedish more than 590 issues since August 1985 and in English in more than 65 issues since 2005.

Jonas Himmelstrand, editor

Strategies to Learn & Grow has no political or religious affiliations of any kind. Strategies is published by the Swedish limited company, Himmelstrand Mentor AB.

The purpose of Strategies is to inspire learning, growth and success
in individuals, teams, organisations and society.