Here are references to the main article in Strategies no. 584.

0–3 years

Are There Long-Term Effects of Early Child Care? by Jay Belsky
The latest report from the most comprehensive study of early child care.

Why Love Matters – How affection shapes a baby's brain, by Sue Gerhardt
Explains early brain development based on modern neurobiology.

Nursery tales, by Madeleine Bunting,,1256288,00.html
Well written Guardian article referring the three biggest studies on early child care.

Stress in daycare, by Sir Richard Bowlby
Shows what is needed to create a high quality child care outside of home.

3-6 years

Are There Long-Term Effects of Early Child Care? by Jay Belsky
This study shows the results of the first 4.5 years of child care on later development.

The Heart of the Matter - The role of emotion and attachment in learning and behaviour, by Gordon Neufeld
Explains the connection between emotional attachment and learning.

The Politicized Science of Day Care - A Personal and Professional Odyssey, by Jay Belsky
Professor of Psychology Jay Belsky tells his story about early child care research.

7-18 years

Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling, by Brian D. Ray
This book summarizes the latest research on home schooling.

Home schooling improves academic performance and reduces impact of socio-economic factors, by Claudia R. Hepburn
One of many scientific studies on home schooling.

Home Schooling and the Question of Socialization, by Richard G. Medlin
Shows that home schooling does not need to hinder socialization.

Parents or peers – who matter the most? by Jonas Himmelstrand
Explains the phenomena of peer orientation and the need for adults also during teens.

18-65 years

The Seven-Day Weekend, by Ricardo Semler
Tells the story of the Brasilian business Semco Corporation and its unique democracy.

Twelve questions for growth and profit, by John Steinberg
Refers to the research of Marcus Buckinghams showing the impact of the closest boss.

When a mummy becomes the boss, by Jonas Himmelstrand
Shows the learning and growth potential of the parental role.

65 years and upward

Wisdom grows in Danish business, by Jonas Himmelstrand
Discusses wisdom in work life and presents an energetic 84 year old Indian chief.

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