Cookies on Strategies Online

Cookies are small text files which store certain information from our website on your computer. According to the laws in Sweden, The European Union and The United States users on a website are to be informed about the use of cookies, their purpose and how they can be avoided.

Strategies Online uses sessioncookies. They are normally erased when you quit your browser. This means that cookies are only used during your actual visit on Strategies Online.

The main purpose with cookies on Strategies Online is to store your login information during your visit, rather than logging in every page individually. The cookie also helps us to keep statistics about our site and its use for further improvement.

You can turn off cookies in your browser. But Strategies Online is much easier to use with cookies on, in analogy with other login services. Erasing the cookie after your visit does not effect Strategier Online. No third party cookies are used.

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